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      Company Introduction
      Corporate Culture
      Service Network
        Corporate Culture Current Location:Home > About us >Corporate Culture
      ※ Mission
        Work together, Share success.At the age of nation’s rising, the Shareate people create value for our customers and make contributions to the society and succeed with employees, partners and shareholders, share happiness.
        Shareate is committed to become a world-renowned manufacturer of rock drilling tools and service provider in the next 10 years.
      ※ Spirit
        Passion, Pragmatism, Harmony, Excellence
      ※ ore value
        Passion make your dreams come true and product quality wins honor.
        Care for employees, focus on clients
        market-oriented and account for the results
        People stay for career, people gather for career
        Maximize the value of enterprise and people
      ※ Working Style
        Rigorous, sincerity, cooperation
      Suzhou Shareate Trade Co. Ltd
      Suzhou Metier Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.
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