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      Company Profile

      ShareateTools Ltd. (originally Kingdream Shareate Tools Ltd.) classified as thenational high-tech enterprise, is a professional company which integrates the design,development, manufacturing and sales of cemented carbide products and drillingtools. We have two manufacturing bases, which are located at Qianjiang andSuzhou, both with the world-class advanced production and inspectionequipment and the state –of –the-art and continuously expandingR&D and manufacture base for Cemented carbide and drilling tools in China.

      We possesses the strength of technicalinnovation and has formed the systematic proprietary intellectual propertyrights and technology. We passed ISO quality systemcertificate and API certificate in 2001 and 2008 respectively and maintain bothof the certificates ever since. Currently, we have gained 35 authorized patents,in which 14 innovation patents, and 40 items of proprietary technology. Theestablished Jiangsu Technology Center and Jiangsu Engineering & TechnologicalResearch Center will be laying the firm foundation for our continuousinnovation.

      Ourmain product covers compacts for oil, buttons for mining, carbide substrate forPDC cutters, Nozzle for oil bit, ultra-fine cemented carbide round rod, finegrain cutting tools, blank for press tools, cold heading, powder metallurgy mold,tungsten carbide tubular electrode and wearing resistant parts and non-standardparts and so on, which are exported to over 10 foreign countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada,Australia and Russia where the products are very popular and well evaluated bycustomers. nd drilling tools in China.

      Stickingto internationalization, modernization and integration of manufacturing andservice, with the geographical advantage of Yangtze River Delta, we constantlypropel the development of the core technology, steel ourselves and endeavor toset up a famous cemented carbide brand worldwide. We are always willing to workhand in hand with our customers both at home and abroad to continuously makinggreat efforts and a long-term progress and share the future. 

      Suzhou Shareate Trade Co. Ltd
      Suzhou Metier Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.
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