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      Our company successfully hosted China Tungsten Industry Association branch carbide enlarged meeting of the second session of the Fourth Board of Directors
      datetime:2012/5/17 Hits:8229

             May 4, China Tungsten Industry Association branch carbide enlarged meeting of the second session of the Fourth Board of Directors held in Suzhou, the meeting organized by the China Tungsten Industry Association carbide Branch organized my company to undertake. Tungsten carbide Branch Association governing units and digital industries invited representatives attended the meeting. 
             Carbide Tungsten Industry Association meeting was chaired by club president Mr. Zhang Zhongjian chair, my company chairman, president Wu Hehong welcome speech at the meeting. Wu, chairman of the convening of the meeting congratulated the leaders attending the meeting, Association welcomed the representatives and stressed that: to deepen the exchange of information between enterprises, mutual trust and cooperation, the future development of China's main theme carbide industry , only if we work together, follow the road competing, the spirit of "honesty, communication, communication" principle, the establishment of a "communion coexistence" of the industry environment, can work together bigger, stronger, do a long time, the formation of a cohesive Chinese Carbide business groups, to improve our carbide industry's competitive position in the international market.  
            At the meeting, China Tungsten Industry Association executive vice president Mr. Zhang Chunming, Tungsten Industry Association Secretary-General Mr. Liu Liangxian, carbide club president Mr. Zhang Zhongjian, respectively, made an important report. Delegates at home and abroad for the current situation and prospects of development of the industry, combined with their own business situation conducted in-depth communication and exchange. Meeting was a complete success.


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