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      Company News
        Company News Current Location:Home > News & Events > Company News
      International cooperation Published:2016-06-24
      Marketing Development Published:2016-06-24
      International supply Published:2016-06-24
      Our company successfully hosted China Tungsten Industry Association branch carbide enlarged meeting of the second session of the Fourth Board of Directors Published:2012-05-17
      2011 Annual Meeting of cutting-edge group of companies come to an end Published:2012-02-02
        Exhibitions Current Location:Home > News & Events >Exhibitions
      2013 (fifteenth) China International Mining Conference Published:2013-06-17
      Dongguan mold and machine tool exhibition Published:2013-06-17
      2013 Zambia exhibition Published:2013-06-17
      2013 Mongolian exhibition Published:2013-06-17
      Eleventh Jiangsu International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition Published:2013-06-17
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      Suzhou Metier Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.
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